Memorendum of Association Bashbari Nrb Village


Bashbari NRB Villageis a dream project of a few prominent Non Resident Bengalis living in the USA. The village is being developed as a rural residential enclave with modern amenities. A group of friends and families, known to each other, desired to establish a modern rural village so that they might be able to spend some quality time at the outskirts of the Dhaka city in a more or less pristine atmosphere. The village will be having demarcated plots with (more or less) one bigha (Plot 14 Katha and Common 6 Katha) allotted to each member of the Association to be owned as their property. The project is located at Village — Bashbari, UP — Gazipur, PS — Sreepur and District — Gazipur. This was selected as a suitable location for the NRB village after carrying out a thorough study of the area for about two years. A Memorandum of Association for the associate members is hereby put together with the main aim, among others, to retain the natural & environmental attributes of theNRB village.

Following are the Articles of Association of the society called 'BASHABARI NRB VILLAGE'.

Association Member's Fees and Charges

   ► Monthly Taka 2,000/- (approx. $25) will be charged from the association members to meet the monthly expenses for security and maintenance of the NRB Village. This amount is valid till the end of 2015 and will be subject to review on an annual basis. An alternative scheme may also be worked out by the associate members
   ► Any association member, friend and family can visit Club House, Cottages and project area. Following charges are applicable from 01 January 2012.

  • Club House Taka 2,000/00
  • Magnolia Cottage (2X Double Bed) Taka 3,000/00
  • Kater Kutir Cottage (Double bed) Taka 2,000/00
  • Food Arrangement
    • Food as per menu given by clients At actual
    • Service Charge Taka 2000/00

   ► At least 7 days early booking needed. For advance booking please called Md Harun-Or-Rashid, Phone No. 8813796. Advance payment may be made by cash/cheque in the name of “ SAS Progressive Co Ltd ”. .

Payment of Service Charges

   ► Yearly BDT. 26,000/- (Twenty six thousand) only to be paid in favour of SAS Progressive Co. Ltd. Account number for payment given in the website.

Guidelines for the Allocated Plot Owners

   ► All associate members will have about 1 bigha land allocated against each member with their share in common facilities and areas like approach road, lakes, gardens & forest areas.
   ► The land can only be used for residential purposes for bungalow type houses with front/rear garden areas. Maximum Ground Coverage (MGC) of the building should not exceed 50% land of the allotted plot.
   ► All layout designs are required to be approved by the management committee.
   ► Each house will have its own electricity (Solar/Generator etc.), sewerage line (with septic tank & soak well). Tube well will be temp used for water till central arrangement is done.
   ► Maximum 50% land can be used for covered area.
   ► Security for Bashbari NRB Village premises will be provided centrally and the service charges will have to be paid accordingly. Plot owner ′s caretaker/house keeper may be employed with proper identification, vetting and clearance each such employee from the management authority.
   ► Use Common facilities like clubhouse, log house, play area etc; fishing arrangements and other sporting events may be organized for and by the members but will require prior notice to the NRB Village management by those members who are desirous of such visit to the area.
   ► Catering will be arranged on order and on payment at Clubhouse/Bungalow. Necessary coordination may be required for menu selection which can be arranged prior to the visit.
   ► Car parking, driver ′s food and accommodation needs will be catered for with prior coordination with the management.
   ► Common facilities will be handed over to a management company for maintenance.
   ► All associate member will share the development charges like infrastructure of Electric Connection, road development etc lake excavate, Fence, drainage etc.

Management Committee

All association members will together select an executive committee for managing/assisting in presently ongoing development needs for the project and all other future issues.
   ► Chairman — 1
   ► Vice Chairman — 2
   ► Executive Secretary — 1 (From the Management Company)
   ► Members — 6
   ► Member from Bangladesh — 1

Management Committee

Provisional Committee for 2 years:
   ► Chairman — Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed
   ► Vice Chairman —

(1) Mrs. Nasreen Rob
(2) Col Mohd Abdus Salam (Retd) BP

   ► Executive Secretary — Engr Mohd Samit Bin Salam, MEng (Hons—UK)
   ► Member —
(1)    Dr. Md Ziaur Rahman — USA
(2)    Lt Co Rafiqul Hasan (Retd) — Bangladesh
(3)    Dr. Arifur Rahman — KSA
(4)    Musleh Ahmed — UK
(5)    Md Mosaddeque — USA
(6)    Dr. Maleka Jafrin Ahmed — USA
(7)    Lt Col Nasir Uddin Ahmed (Retd) — Bangladesh
(7)    Dr. Gulshan Mostafa -Bangladesh

Change of Committee

Executive Committee will be appointed by selection every two years by mutual consent by majority members. Following are the job description of the executive committee of Bashbari NRB Village:
   ► To employ the caretaker and maintenance services company for the management of the whole complex.
   ► Approve projects for development and define yearly budget for various issues and expenses.
   ► Coordinate booking of the Bungalow amongst members of the association through the Management Company involved.
   ► Evaluate and ensure proper maintenance & management of the project area.
   ► Any member who intends to sale his/her property will have to apply to the management committee and the present land value of property will be assessed. Associate members will be given first priority to purchase the property.
   ► In future with consent of every one income generating project can be design and developed with equal investment of member associates which will reduced the burden of service charges. .

Allocation of Plots

Plots are allotted on completion of development and survey. Allotments of plots are made as per the purchaser ′s seniority of application that is on “first come first serve basis ”. All plots in Phase-1 are ready for hand over.

Developer and Service Provider Company

‘SAS Progressive Co Ltd ’ is employed as developer and service provider. All employees and security personnel will remain under control of the service provider company.


The property will be registered in regular procedures of Bangladesh Registration Rules and allocation of the plots with due consent will be registered as ”Batura Registration ”in the Sub ”Registrar office. All of the association members will get a copy of the document and mutation & plot allocation plan. Original documents will be with the developer. A photocopy will be handed over to the plot owner.

Residents of Bashbari NRB Village

Following are to be strictly adhered to maintain the overall environment of the community:
   ► Land Owner ′s are not allowed to mortgage their property.
   ► No commercial activities are allowed in and around the area of the project.
   ► No cattle heads or other animals are allowed inside the project area except pet animals.
   ► No construction work can be carried out without prior written approval of the executive committee. Plans for any structure which may disturb others in the community shall not be allowed.
   ► Falling of trees without approval of the executive committee is strictly prohibited. Periodical trimming of the greenery will be carried out under the guidance of the executive committee.
   ► All persons staying at the NRB, other than member—resident, shall do so under all rules & regulations as shall apply to the member—residents. Detailed information shall have to be made available to the management authority regarding such stay.
   ► The Company responsible for management will be authorized to act on behalf of the executive committee but shall make available all information to all the members. Proper discipline and eco—friendly environment will be kept within the project area.
   ► A website ( is setup by the service provider company for this NRB project. All comments, suggestion and feedbacks can be posted on the site. A working cell will start functioning soon to coordinate all the contents and design of an interactive system whereby members can communicate over a common platform from anywhere in the world.
   ► Next of kin of the property owner should be nominated and the documents & photographs regarding this will be kept with the management authority.

Visiting Project Area

All associate members are requested to inform their likely time of visit at the project site at least one week ahead for the management authority to coordinate and arrange services for their visit.

Location of Project

Bashbari NRB Village is about 70 KM from Dhaka. Journey hours is 1.30 hours – 2.00 hours (including congestion/traffic jam). Along the Mymenshing Road upto Mawna Chaurasta via Rajendrapur. From Mawna upto Joina Bazar along Mymenshing Road and then return left. From Road junction 8 KM left Strait Motel Road is Bashbari Bazar. From Bashbari Bazar left 1 KM Project area.

Location of Project

Dhaka — Tongi — Jaydevpur Road Xing — Rajendrapur — Mawna Road Junction — Joina Bazar. Left — SHAILAT BAZAR — Bashbari Bazar Left — Bashbari NRB Village.

Location Map